AP Computer Science Preparation and Tutoring

Launching in early 2020

Starting in early 2020, MVCode will be offering AP Computer Science Preparation and Tutoring to match the AP Computer Science A Exam in TeenCode, and online.

We are actively developing new courses on our MVCode learning platform that target skills and competencies required by for the Java AP Computer Science "A" exam. The courses will be available both online and in our clubs.

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Teencode - Project Based Learning

TeenCode offers project based learning which incorporates principles from AP Computer Science. Students may choose to work on their own projects which will give them deep and meaningful experience in learning the core concepts needed to pass the AP Computer Science exam.

MVCode Courses - Course Based Learning

Students will have access to MVCode's AP Computer Science courses

MVCode Instructors - Expert Computer Science Teachers

Students will have access to MVCode staff who can guide them with their AP CS questions and provide support for homework and tests.

Concepts Covered


Contact us at info@mvcode.com to learn more.