Code is "made of Math". At a simple level, this is 1's and 0's that must be manipulated into higher order concepts. But it goes much deeper than that. In fact, when I went to college many years ago for Math, we didn’t even have a Computer Science degree. It was just called “Applied Math”!

So, it’s not surprising that coding helps kids learn Math and Physics. Many types of coding involve simulations of a real environment. So, kids must learn a lot of concepts around math, physics, and problem solving to create even the simplest program.

Fortunately, many kids think computers and coding are fun activities. This creates the motiviation that they need to learn a lot of math concepts like Arithmetic, Cartesian Coordinates, Arithmetic and Algebra, as well as more general skills like problem solving and logic.

MVCode uses a project based learning approach to teaching coding, which gives students a deeper understanding of the subject matter and a more immersive fluency. Students are very motivated to learn Math when it is relevant to problems that they care about.

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