Listing Camps

Name Description
One-Day Camps Experienced students show up for a day to imagine, create and work on a project using either Scratch or JavaScript! Newcomers will be helped through custom-made lessons by our team of experienced instructors, using either of the aforementioned platforms. One thing is for sure, both groups will experience the gratification of bringing their ideas to life over the course of a short, but productive camp session!
Minecraft: Introduction to ScriptCraft Plugins Learn to customize minecraft servers by creating and adding your own minecraft plugins. Plugins will be coded using JavaScript. Students will receive their own minecraft servers for the camp that will stay active for two months after the camp is done so they can play with their plugins and show them to their friends.
Coding Fundamentals Design and code your own games, websites and animations at your own skill level. Whether you are just learning coding, or perfecting your skills, this is a fun camp for all levels! Possible Projects Include: Introduction to JavaScript, Helicopter Game, and beginner, custom and advanced JavaScript projects
Game Design - Unity or Roblox Code, design, and animate your own 3D game in either Unity or Roblox. Campers chose either Unity or Roblox based on experience and interest. You will leave camp with a cool game to showcase to your family and friends and more coding skills! Possible Projects Include: Super Roll-a-Ball, VR Carnival ride game and UnityRPG
Minecraft Build your own Minecraft plugins with JavaScript. This is a fun way to build your Minecraft skills and learn JavaScript! Possible Projects Include: Introduction to Scriptcraft, Wandworld, Escape Room and Zelda Dungeon
Robotics Build and code your own arduino robot! At the end of camp your robot will compete in fun challenges like mazes, line following, and bead collection. Possible Projects Include: Bluetooth controlled car, Autonomous Maze Solver and Advanced Line follower
YouTubing Fundamentals Campers will spend the week learning the basics of creating and editing videos and see what it takes to become a YouTuber! By the end of this week long camp, campers will have at least 1 five-minute video uploaded to their YouTube channel using footage from Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox. Campers learn the basics of recording videos, editing footage, photo editing, YouTube account setup, tips to running a successful channel, and internet safety.
Digital Design We are offering a NEW camp at MVCode - DRAWING, ANIME & DIGITAL DESIGN Students learn: Drawing Skills Observational Drawing Character Design & Analysis Figure Drawing Digital Design 3D Modeling 2D Animation And anime! Students will learn some essential steps in anime. Starting with drawing skills and fundamentals, and eventually moving into using digital creation software to help bring their characters to life!
Roblox Campers will learn how to use Roblox to create and code! Learn some exciting Roblox tips and tricks.
About Camps

Camps take students through 3-5 day guided courses with MVCode Clubs's qualified Instructors, giving them a headstart in the subject of their choice. Not to mention fun and games!

Please ensure your student meets the prerequisites for the camps they are interested in. If you have any questions, please contact your club director.