RGB colors

Any color can be made with a combination of different amounts of Red Green and Blue lights.

(255,0,0) -> bright red
(100,0,0) -> dark red

(0,255,0) -> bright green
(0,0,255) -> bright blue

(255,0,255) -> purple


RGB colors courses

JavaScript for Scratchers

In this course we will transition from block-based Scratch programming into text-based JavaScript!

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2019 (Beginner)

Visual Effects lessons

VFX lessons in JavaScript

Visual Effects lessons

VFX lessons in JavaScript

Exercises: Drawing

Practice displaying shapes to the screen. In processing, your programs will ultimately be about showing pictures to the user. Whether you are designing games, interactive stories, or visualizing data, it is crucial that you can display shapes and images to the screen

RGB colors lessons

JavaScript for Scratchers 2: Color

In this lesson we are going to learn how to add color to our JavaScript projects using the fill() and background() functions.


basic drawing with dots

MV Paint

Create a simple program to draw with the mouse

Colors: using fill()

Draw shapes in color

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