AP CS 5: Iteration

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Learn to use repeat structures to make your code more efficient

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While Loops

While loops are a type of programming structure that allows us to instruct the computer to repeatedly perform a command a set number of times.

Functional While Conditions

While loops are not always used to repeat an action a set number of times, rather it's better to think of them as having the ability to repeat an action until a certain condition is met.

String Algorithms 1

Of the material covered so far, Strings are the best resource we have for implementing iteration challenges. Here we'll take a moment to understand some String manipulation features.

For Loops

For loops are a shorthand for a while loop with an iterator

String Algorithms 2

Write a function that takes a string and capitalizes every other character.


Write a function that uses a while loop to reverse a string.


Write a function to replace each instance of a letter in a string with a different letter


Write a function that checks if a given string contains a given substring.

Nested for loops

We can nest loops to repeat a set of repeated actions a certain number of times

Nested for loops challenge

Write a program to produce a checkerboard

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