AP CS 8: ArrayLists

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In this course we learn about a new more flexible alternative to arrays, whose size can change while the program is running.

Course Items

Introduction to ArrayLists

Learn what ArrayLists are and why you would use them

Accessing ArrayList Elements

How to access and read/write ArrayList elements

ArrayLists of Type Class

We're going to now make an ArrayList of type Cat to store data about all of our cats in our cat cafe

Printing a List of Cats

Let's build a helper method to print an ArrayList of type Cat

Create an Adopt Method

Create a method that moves cats from an available list to an adoption list

Building a Swap Method

Building a method to Swap two cats in a Cat ArrayList

Alphabetizing a List

Create a method that alphabetizes your list of available cats

Searching a List

Help users search for the type of cat they prefer

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