Blender MISC Objects

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This course contains miscellaneous lessons and youtube videos on how to create certain objects. It's if you want to create something specific. I would come back here after finishing the Blender basics, intermediate, and other blender courses first!

Course Items

Name Tag

In this lesson you'll learn how to create a name tag!


Use extrusion and subdivide to create simple terrain

Pirate Ship

Learn to use the Mirror tool, subdivide, and add color textures by building a pirate ship

Space Ship

In this lesson we will design a Spaceship using Blender ****Long, Difficult, and Rewarding!****

Coffee Cup Part 1

This is a two-part lesson to make a 3D Coffee Cup using Blender.

Coffee Cup Part 2

This is part two of a lesson to make a 3D Coffee Cup using Blender.

Blender Youtube Tutorial - Creating a Skirt!

In this youtube tutorial, you'll get to create a skirt!

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Introduction to Programming





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