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A Tile-based puzzle game where you must eat all of the Cake. Build as many levels as you want and challenge your friends

Course Items

Creating the Grid

Set up a grid of Tiles which we can use to make our game

Player Movement

Add the player to the game and move them with the arrow keys

Collision and Cake Eating

Add a function which checks for collision with tiles to prevent the player from walking on walls or out of the game screen

Sprites and Animations

Learn to use Spritesheets to display images and animations

Stylesheets and Prettifying with Sprites

Use CSS to make the game look like it takes place inside a cake pan, and use some game logic to make tiles look 3D

Multiple Levels

Advance to the next level after eating all the cake, pick your starting location with the mouse, and reset levels by pressing "R"

Extra Ideas

Ideas for extra features you can add to your project

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