Captain Andersen's Dice

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Me 'n the crew always be rollin bones by the docks. Help us keep our games fair, by usin' yer codin' knowledge to build us some dice games!

Course Items

Make us some dice!

We need a fair set o' dice that'll give us the numbers one through six and no number be favored o'er the other.

Draw our die

Show me the die on the screen whenever we roll!

Roll Button

Make us a "Roll" button so me crew can play too!

Roll n Dice

Lots o' games call fer castin' many dice at once. I'd like it if yer roll function could help us with that..

Draw n Dice

Alright, now it be time fer ye to make with showing us all the dice.

Monkey in a Barrel

Yar-har! This be a game me 'n the crew play to settle our disputes. We call it Monkey in a Barrel! Yar!

Dead Man's Eye

A push-yer-luck game where yer on the hunt fer the Dead Man's Eye. I'll teach ya how ta play, and if ye build it fer me... Why I'll give you a hearty share o' me loot o'course!

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