Epic Roll a Ball

Just like Roll a ball but looks professional and epic! We'll learn how to use post processing to make things look like an AAA game, Camera tricks, learn how to use light maps, reflection maps, HLSL programming!

Course Items

[C# Scripting] Part 0: Getting Started

This lesson is to get you started and to let you know you'll be doing later on!

[Unity] Part 1: Setting HD Textures

In this lesson you'll learn how to make textures look very HD, crisp and crystal clear!

[Blender] Part 2: Creating a Player model

In this lesson we'll use our creative skills to create a player for our Epic roll a ball game! We'll then later add some visual effects to it!

[Unity] Part 3: Post Processing 1

An introduction to Post processing about using camera effects to make our project look more visually appealing!

[Unity] Part 4: Post Processing 2

We'll learn the rest of the Post processing effects; bloom, motion blur, distortion, etc!

[Unity] Part 5: Lighting, Reflections, and Game Optimization

In this lesson we'll learn how to tweak environment lighting, baked lighting, baked reflections, and optimizing our game!

[HLSL] Part 6: An Introduction to HLSL Programming

We'll start to learn how to program vertices, colors, and pixels on a plane!

[HLSL] Part 7: An Introduction to HLSL Programming

We'll learn how to use UV coordinates on a plane and be able to move vertices around a mesh!

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