Exercises: Array Methods

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Arrays are extremely useful and can do many complicated actions. Array methods help you work with arrays much faster and can really cut down on the length of your programs as well as make them much easier to read and understand.

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Array Methods: Introduction

Learn to use array methods to work with arrays much more efficiently

Longest Name

Let's try using the .length method in a function

ForEach: Introduction

Use a forEach Loop


Double each element in an array of numbers


This function will help us in the next exercise

I am a banana car

Use the splice method to complete this challenge

I hates eights

The filter method is very useful when you have large amounts of data

Who Arrived Late?

You can use filter to apply a change to a list of objects.

Hot Streak

Typical college freshman homework style question

Exercises: Array Methods Info


Introduction to Programming





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Exercises: Array Methods Prereqs