First Person Exploration

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Create a first person exploration game

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Movement Controller

Here we learn to control a Rigidbody with WASD and Space to move and jump. As well as a Camera which is controlled by the mouse

Camera Controller

Learn to control the direction of your Camera based on the mouse position on the screen

Creating Landscapes

Use a simple free asset set which allows you to easily create smooth terrain for your game

Capsule Collision detection

A tutorial on using CapsuleCast

Jump Function

Use a CapsuleCast to check if the ground is beneath the player, if so, then let the player jump by pressing Space

Interacting with GameObjects

Use Raycasting to interact with objects such as doors and chests

Raycasting Bullets

Learn to use a LineRenderer component to draw bullet lines for a First Person Shooter. You'll need to use your knowledge of Raycasting to complete this lesson


In this lesson we will learn how to use the UI Slider element to make a health bar in Unity!

Landscapes with Blender

Use extrusion and subdivide to create simple terrain

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