Intro to Scratch: 1st/2nd Grade

This course will introduce programming in Scratch and is intended for 1st and 2nd graders.

Course Items

New Intro

Learn about the NEW Scratch environment

Spell Casting

Use keyboard to cast spells on a dragon. Adapted from Scratch starter project.

Hide and Seek

Sprite hides and you have to click on it when it shows up. Adapted from Scratch starter project

Starfish Choir

Click on the starfish and watch/listen to them sing!

Witch Shooter Part 1

In this tutorial, you will program a flying Witch who shoots arrows at apples to earn points.

Witch Shooter Part 2

Add an enemy to this game and a high score!

Scrolling Spirals

Create a cool pattern of squares when the mouse is pressed

Underwater Part 1

Practice your programming tricks in this creative underwater tutorial.

Underwater Part 2

Part II to an Underwater tutorial.

Snow Land Part 1

Free Trial (1st - 3rd)

Snow Land Part 2

This is an easy lesson that teaches coding / game basics.

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