JavaScript Game Design

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Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript by building your own game

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We will begin our understanding of JavaScript by looking at how to store data in memory

Inputs and Logic

Learn to use if statements and keyboard input to control your character

Adding game Objects: Walls and Gems

Use objects to create walls and draw them using the rectangle function

Object Collision

Learn to create functions by programming a rectangular collision detection function

Wall Collision

Use loops to prevent the player from walking through wall objects

Using Arrays

Arrays and while loops can work together to save us from having to write tons and tons of duplicate code. Always remember that if something seems needlessly tedious- it probably is!

Moving Obstacles

Use your knowledge of functions, arrays, objects, and loops to create a new character in your game which bounces and sends the player back to the start upon collision

Key and Door Challenge

All programming is a way for you to communicate your ideas to the computer. In this lesson I will supply you with a design and I want you to build it

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