[No coding] Unity Basics

Getting familiar with the Unity 5 game engine's interface; Controls,Terrain, Particles, Animations, Shaders, Lighting, Components.

Course Items

Part 0: Controls in Unity

Getting used to moving around in Unity using keyboard shortcuts

Part 1: Creating Terrain

Creating terrain with most customization tools!

Part 2: Creating Particles

Learn particle effects in Unity 5 to add to any project!

Part 3: Creating Simple Animations

A quick guide on simple animations (without using animator, blend tree, animation controller)

Part 4: Editing Shaders

Learn how to Edit shaders and materials to make something look soft, hard, glass, metal, reflecting!

Part 5: Editing Lighting

Learn how to manipulate lighting! Change world lighting, create a flashlight, a lamp, and make the sun rise & fall!

Part 6: Using Components

Learn how to add various components to any object! Rigidbody, Colliders, Renderers, Joints, Constant Force.

Part 7: Unity Interface Challenges

Using what you learned from this course, here are some challenges you can try out!

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