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Learning more about Unity's Interface: Prefabs & Parenting, Humanoid 3D Models, Dynamic Mesh Components, UI Basics, Audio.

Course Items

Part 0: Prefabs and Parenting

Learn how the Hierarchy structure works and how Prefabs are stored in Unity 5!

Part 1: Humanoid 3D Models

Learn the structure of 3D Humanoid models and how mod the player model!

Part 2: Dynamic Mesh Components

Learn components that can move mesh around!

Part 3: UI Basics

Learn how to get 2D text and images to appear on the screen of a 3D game!

Part 4: Audio

Learn how to create an overall BGM for your game or sounds when you pass by an object! (Requires headphones)

Part 5: Unity Game Play Challenges

A list of challenges you can try using all your knowledge from Unity Basics and Intermediate courses!

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[No coding] Unity Intermediate Prereqs