Roblox Heist Game

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Learn the basics of Roblox by creating a Heist game where the player attempts to steal a rare jewel and escape before being caught

Course Items

What we are building

The rules of the game we are building

Collecting Coins

Add coins you can collect by touching and learn to display score on the screen

Exploding Traps

Create a trap that explodes when the player touches it

Sliding Doors

Use Tweening to make smooth, sliding doors that open when you click a button in game

Build a Level

It's time to build some of your level and pick a theme for your game

The Treasure

Create a shining piece of treasure that glows and sparkles using lighting and particles

Key and Door Challenge

Create a keycard that can be picked up by the player as well as a door that only opens for the right keycard

Police Chase

Create a Scripted event where the player has to escape from your level before time runs out. Start the timer when the gem is stolen!

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