Side Scroll Adventure

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Learn all the fundamentals of making a game in JavaScript as you journey through unknown lands!

Course Items

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 1

Make your first game in JavaScript

Learn to use variables, objects, and functions

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 2

Use keyboard inputs, "if" and "else" to control the player

Learn to use keyboard inputs and if statements

Make a Coordinate Widget

Get help figuring out the X and Y coordinates for your project by making this handy widget!

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 3

Learn to use "else" statements in your project to make different scenes

Learn to use "else" and "else if" to design more scenes

Customize Your Skin!

Learn how to use the image function in your PJS projects!

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 4

Learn to detect collision and use the "and", "or" and "not" operators

Learn to use the "and", "or" and "not" operators

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 5

Learn about function parameters and returns and make your player able to interact with the scene

Learn to use inputs and outputs in your functions

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 6

Learn to use an array

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 7

Learn to use the random function

Side Scroll Adventure: Part 8

Learn to use loops to repeat code

Learn to use loops to repeat code.

Side Scroll Adventure: The Alternate Ending

Convert your Sidescroller game to share with the world!

Publish your game on the web!

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