Minecraft Minigames in JavaScript

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In this course we will start by building a Snowball Fight minigame plugin for Minecraft using JavaScript, then we will expand the game to be a full paintball-style capture the flag arena!

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Minecraft Minigames 1: Snowball Fight

In this lesson we will start building our minigame by making a plugin that announces when a player has hit another player with a snowball.

Minecraft Minigames 2: Snowball Fight (Additional Features)

In this lesson we are going to add to our Snowball Fight minigame by adding start/stop capabilities and a winner!

Minecraft Minigames 3: CTF Arena - Combat

In this lesson we will begin expanding our snowball fight minigame into a full capture the flag arena minigame!

Minecraft Minigames 4: CTF Arena - Flags

In this lesson we are going to learn how to add flags to our capture the flag minigame!

Minecraft Minigames 5: CTF Arena - Improvements

In this lesson will add some improvements to our capture the flag game like colored armor for each team!

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