Super Roll A Ball

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Introductory Unity Course

Course Items

Introduction to Unity

Brief summary of the Unity user interface

Creating a Character with a rigidbody

Learn to use the Rigidbody component to assign a GameObject to the Physics Engine

Controlling characters with the arrow keys

Learn to use Rigidbody.AddForce and keyboard input to create a controlable, rolling character

Creating levels

Use Unity's primitive shapes to create a simple level, then learn to add extra features to make your level more interesting


Learn to create a few GameObjects for the player to collect. Use tags to let the player collect different type of objects, without duplicating code

Scoring and Displaying Points

Score points for collecting items and display the points to the screen

Collectibles Extras: Collection Animation

Create a nice looking animation for when you collect an object

Collectibles Extras: Sounds

Use an audioSource component to play sound files

Checkpoints and Restarting

Send the player back to the last checkpoint touched when they fall off the level, touch a hazard, etc

Lives/Tries Counter

Create a function which sets the player back to the last checkpoint which we can use for making enemies or making falling off the level send you back

Hazards and Enemies

Create GameObjects which are programmed to send the player back to the last checkpoint

Main Menu

Display a greeting screen for your player, and learn to use buttons to call public methods and change scenes

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