Temple Dungeon

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Build a Zelda-style forest dungeon in ScriptCraft, using the drone and make a game for players to solve as they go through it, using classes!

Course Items

Escape Room

Create your own Escape Room in Minecraft!

Sounds in ScriptCraft

Add sounds to your plugins!

The Drone 2: The Forest Temple

Use more Drone functions to build a temple in the forest

Dungeon Items: Grappling Hook

Make a custom grappling hook that targets specific blocks and a shield that reflects projectiles

Dungeon Game

Make the game for your Temple Dungeon

Dungeon Game 2: Classier Edition

Create a Room class to extend your game to your whole Forest Temple Dungeon

Make a Dungeon Room class to add more room challenges to your game.

Dungeon Game 3: Starting and Finishing Touches

Make the Temple Dungeon start with a pressure plate and add the final ending sequences

Add the starting and stopping code for the Dungeon

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