The Haunted Library

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Build an escape room for your friends to solve in a haunted library with creepy ghosts, secret passages, and a spooky mystery to solve.

Course Items

Part 1: Droning the Exterior

Build the outside of the library

Part 2: Droning the Interior

Build the shelves, desks, and lighting for the inside of the library

Part 3: The Secret Room

Build the secret basement of the library

Part 4: Custom Books, Inventories, and Trades

Learn how to create custom inventories and trades to keep building the puzzle for the Haunted Library Escape Room

Part 5: Finishing the Escape Room

Learn how to trap players in your escape room and track their progress as they solve the puzzle!

The Final Challenge: Build a Coffee Shop

Take the skills you learned from the Haunted Library Escape Room, and complete this challenge to build a coffee shop with ScriptCraft

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