2D Top Down Shooter Game

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Create a 2D Top Down Shooter using basic sprites in Unity that you will then be able to publish to your Portfolio.

Course Items

Create a Menu Scene

Learn how to create a Menu Scene for your Game

Make Your Player Move

Learn how to make a player object move around the screen.

Make Your Player Look Towards the Mouse

Learn how to get your player to rotate and aim towards the mouse location.

Projectiles and Borders

Learn how to launch projectiles from your player.

Enemy Spawning and Movement

Learn to spawn enemies in the game and get them move towards the player.

Enemy Collisions and Player Health

Learn how to get your enemy to damage your player when they collide and how to Destroy an enemy hit by a projectile.

Rounds and Ending the Game

We will be enhancing our Level Manager Script to stop the game when our player has no more life and spawn a certain amount of enemies for each round.

Implementing UI

We are going to add some UI elements (texts and buttons) to tell the player what is going on in the game (i.e. game is over or the round has ended).

Pausing And HighScore

In this lesson, you will add a Pause button to your game. You will also learn a bit about PlayerPrefs and how to use them to save a highscore.

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