Wand World

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Learn more advanced Scriptcraft concepts by making a series of Wizardry themed plugins

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The wand

In this lesson we will begin our Wand World plugin by adding a new Magic Wand item that we can create using a custom crafting recipe.

Vanishing Spell

In this lesson we will create our first spell for Wand World: a vanishing spell!

Chicken Transformation Spell

In this challenge lesson you must add a new spell that transforms entities into chickens using what you learned while programming the vanishing spell

setSpell() function

In this lesson we will write a function that we can use to change the spell we are casting without needing to craft a new wand.

Lightning Strike Spell

In this lesson you will use what you learned about the PlayerInteract event to add a new spell that causes lightning to strike at the target location!

The Drone

In this lesson we will learn how to start building in Minecraft with JavaScript using the Drone plugin!

Midas Spell

In this lesson we will add a spell that turns things to gold (like King Midas)!

Grow Tree Spell

Practice all that you've learned so far by creating a treeWand that grows trees

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