MVCode Franchise Coding Club FAQ

Is MVCode a franchise?

No, we are a privately held corporation.

Although MVCode does not offer a franchise of business model or brand, we do offer curriculum and software to power your coding club with our MVCode Teach product.

Why choose MVCode Teach?

MVCode offers an easy and lightweight way to start teaching coding to students. Our goal is to make it simple as possible for you to start.

We feel that our software and curriclum powered solution is the best option to start teaching coding. Starting a franchise is a multi-year commitment, both in terms of finances and time, with many constraints and issues that can be difficult to manage.

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What if I already run a tutoring or after school program?

MVCode is a great way for existing programs to add coding education to their programs. Since we are not a franchise, there are no territory or use restrictions on our product, and you can continue to use your own brand and business model.

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What if I have no experience teaching or running a coding club?

We have a lot of experience here. Create a teach account and start with a small group of students, it's a great way to learn! Visit our coding education forums for support and advice.

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I know how to code, and I want to teach in a program at my child's school, for a few months a year.

MVCode Teach is the best choice here. You can use our curriculum and our monthly pricing gives you optimal flexibility.

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I want to run a coding or robotics camp

We have many multi-day courses that are perfectly designed for week long camps. We also offer training and support for your camps.

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