Helping out at MV Code Club!

Step 1
Window Cleaning

Ask Austin if you can help clean the windows of the Greenbrae Code Club using Windex and a window cleaner!

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Step 2
Desk Cleaning

Ask Jake if you can help close the Code Club by cleaning the desks, sorting out the keyboard & mouse and turning them all off for the night!

Step 3
Taking out the Trash!

Ask one of the instructors at Greenbrae if you can sort the trash and then take it out to the dumpster nearby! This is quite a hefty job so you might require some assistance from another student!

Check Your Work
Step 4
Be nice and respectful to all of the instructors and students

Be nice to all of the instructors that choose to help out at the Code Club. Make sure to be nice to all of your peers in your class, make friends with some of them whilst you're doing so!

Being nice is nice by sebreg d5lr2h2
Step 5
Complete the Blender lesson "My First Lesson"

it gives you lots of points and you get the birthday badge for doing so as it's your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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