2d Minecraft Part 1

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Make your own Minecraft game in 2/3'rds the dimensions!

Step 1

Step 2
Today we're going to make the game Minecraft in Scratch. Start with a blank project.

Step 3
This is the texture I used

Step 4
Let's upload it to Scratch

Step 5
Make an XPos variable to tell our generation where to place the blocks

Step 6
Center our block on the bottom left corner

Step 7
Start our block at the bottom left, and shrink it down

Step 8
Note that our original block is 128 pixels by 128 pixels

Step 9
Make a new variable called widthOfBlock

Step 10
Another one called HeightOfBlock

Step 11
Let's calculate our heights and widths of our blocks. This lets us change the size without changing lots of numbers later.

Step 12
Create another variable called NumberOfBlocks. This will tell us how many blocks we can have across

Step 13
Calculate the number of blocks you need. It's the width of the screen (480) divided by the width of a block. (and you thought all that Math at school was for nothing!)

Step 14
This block hides the original, starts at the left edge of the screen, and creates clones all the way across to the right

Step 15
Show our block, and move it over by the width of one block, so that it starts in the corner

Step 16
Click the green flag, you should be able to see a row of stone blocks!

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