Adding 3D models to a Minecraft World using MCEdit

Step 1

Step 2
If your design is a building such as this, make sure it is no larger than 50x50 with walls 2mm thick.

Step 3
Select the design you want to import and click "Download for Minecraft"

Step 4
Leave the size at "1" and click "Export"

Step 5
Click the arrow next to the file that you just downloaded and click "Show in Finder"

Step 6
Move your schematic file into your folder in the dropbox

Step 7
Now for the fun part. Open Minecraft and select "Create New World"

Step 8
Name your world, set to creative mode, and click "More World Options"

Step 9
Set world type to "Superflat" and generate structures to "OFF"

Step 10
You should now have a nice empty world like this one. Save and Quit the game.

Step 11
Open MCEdit

Step 12
Click "Load World"

Step 13
Select the world we want to add the design to and click "Load"

Step 14
Once your empty world has loaded, click this button to import.

Step 15
Find your schematic file and click open.
Step 16
Place the design in the world and click "Import"

Step 17
Save the world using the dropdown menu, then quit MCEdit.

Step 18
Open Minecraft and enter your world. If the design is imperfect, it shouldn't be a problem for a master builder such as yourself!
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