Blender 3D Print - Name Tag

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to create a 3D Name Tag!
Step 2
Open a new blender project.
Step 3
Press A + A to select all and then press the delete button.
  1. Press A to deselect whatever was selected
  2. Press A again to select all
  3. Press Delete to delete.
Step 4
Press Shift + C to center the cursor if it's not already centered and then press SHIFT + A to create a cube
  1. Press [Shift + C] to center origin
  2. Press [Shift + A] to create a mesh
  3. Select cube from the menu
Step 5
Press TAB to enter edit mode and S to resize it to a flat rectangular surface.
  1. Press TAB to enter edit mode
  2. Have your entire cube selected
  3. Press S and then X, Y or Z to resize it flat and wide a shown in the video.
Step 6
Next we'll select only one side, to do this we press Z to go to wireframe mode, then B to box select one side
  1. Press Z to go into wireframe mode
  2. Rotate the camera to where we can select only one side
  3. Press B and form a box around the size to select it
Step 7
We'll extrude this side but we won't move the vertices just yet, so right click to let go and then S to scale inwards.
  1. With one side selected, press E and then right click to let go.
  2. Press S to scale inwards.
  3. Press S again and X, Y or Z to only scale the left and right sides.
Step 8
With this smaller face selected, press E to extrude inwards. Adjust the view with the numpad to do this accurately.
  1. Press Numpad 5 to go to Orthographic mode.
  2. Press Numpad 3 to view only the right side of this window
  3. Press E and extrude towards the center of the name tag
Step 9
Next we'll add in our name! Press SHIFT + C to center the origin, TAB to go to object mode, then space bar
  1. Press SHIFT + C to center origin
  2. Press TAB to go back to object mode
  3. Press SPACE and then type "add text" and select the add text button
Step 10
We'll want to rotate this text so we either press R or we can change it to 90 degrees exact in the object settings
  1. With the text selected, we go to the object settings, and change the X rotation to 90.
  2. Then we can use orthographic mode (numpad 5, 1 and 3) to make sure our text is aligned with our name tag
Step 11
Time to spell your name! With the text selected, press TAB to go into edit mode and type your name.
  1. With text selected, press TAB to go to edit mode
  2. Type your name
  3. Press TAB to go back to object mode
  4. Align your text to fit your name tag space.
Step 12
Now we want to text to connect with our name tag. Select the text, press ALT + C and select "Mesh from Text"
  1. With text selected, press ALT + C
  2. Select "Mesh from curve/meta/surf/text"
Step 13
We can now extrude the mesh! Press Tab to go to edit mode, press A to select all, and press E to extrude towards the tag
  1. With text selected, press TAB to go into edit mode.
  2. Press A to select all (it should only select the text)
  3. Press E and X, Y or Z to extrude into the tag plate
  4. Press Z to go into wireframe mode and the numpad to go into orthographic mode to see where to extrude it to.
Step 14
Right now our tag and name plate is two different objects. Go into object mode, select both and press CTRL + J to join.
  1. Press TAB to go into object mode
  2. Hold down SHIFT, and click both the text and the name plate.
  3. Press CTRL + J to join the two objects into one
Step 15
And you are done! Save it as a .stl so that it can be 3D printed.
Blender 3D Print - Name Tag Info


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