[Blender] Part 2: Creating a Player model

Step 1
In this lesson we'll learn how to create a player for our Epic Roll a ball game!
Step 2
This is going to be a long lesson depending on how many different types of players you want to make.

First let's open up Blender, Press A and then A again to select everything and delete all the default items.

Step 3
Shift + A, and then add a sphere. Since this is a Roll a ball project.
Step 4
First we'll make a "Plus" ball. We'll want to crease our ball's sides with extruding inwards.
Step 5
Can you make the ball look like this?

*Hint: First Extrude all 4 sides inwards, and then extrude the middle of the sphere (Kind of like a belt) *

Step 6
Now we want to UV Map this object.

There is a good Blender lesson on UV Mapping if you are new to UV Mapping in Blender:


Select the entire object, press U and click Smart Unwrap project. Then open the UV Editor view in another window.

Step 7
Next we want to assign materials to all the parts that's extruded inwards.
  • You will need at least one material to be the base.
  • I recommend all the inward-extruded areas to be one color but you may add more colors if you'd like.
Check Your Work
Step 8
So here's what my Plus ball looks like! Check to see if yours looks something similar.

Note: Don't worry about the color changes in the future. You can change that in Unity later on.

Step 9
It's time to export this to FBX and load it up in Unity!
Check Your Work
Step 10
Resize your new ball and give it the same components and scripts as your player in Unity.
Step 11
Right now we don't have control over our materials because it's Embedded in our model, so let's extract them.
Step 12
With the materials extracted, you can now change the colors in Unity at any time!
Check Your Work
Step 13
At this point you should have a custom Player, the old player deleted or disabled, and test that it's working.
Step 14
Try creating other balls that you can think of! We might need at least more than 1 ball later.
Step 15
We will also need some special cubes so I made a set for you to use. Or you can make your own!

Download Here (Or you can create your own):

Download Tina's_Cubes_Package.unitypackage
Check Your Work
Step 16
We should now have 1 moveable player with some cubes around to hit.
Step 17
We are done creating our custom models! The next lesson will be able using Post processing! Epic Time!
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