Chicken Transformation Spell

Step 1
In this lesson you are going to use what you've learned to create a spell that transforms entities into chickens!

It is recommended that you complete The Wand and the Vanishing Spell lessons before attempting this challenge unless you have prior experience with:

  • Custom items
  • Crafting recipes
  • The entityDamageByEntity event.
Step 2
Create a new custom item `magicWand_Chicken` of (Chickenator)

This wand can be crafted using a magicWand and whatever other ingredients you choose.

Here I used rawChicken and feather


Feel free to name the spell whatever you want in the lore.

My lore read "Pullus Transverto" which is Latin for "transform into chicken"

Step 3
Use `world.spawnEntity()` described below to spawn a chicken when an enemy vanishes due to the Chickenator

Here is what the reference manual says about world.spawnEntity()

This is very similar to world.spawnParticle()



  • How can you get the location data from the entity?

  • You can get the type parameter using entityType.nameOfEntity

Check Your Work
Step 4
The result

If you have completed this challenge successfully you should be able to cast this spell while holding a magicWand_Chicken

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Chicken Transformation Spell Info


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