Choose your own adventure - Part 2

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Continue your game by adding options for Park

Step 1
Choose Duck and Sunglasses sprites from Library

Step 2
Go to Stage

Step 3
Make sure you have "when i receive 'fade to park'"

Step 4
Go to Duck. He'll show up at the park

Step 5
He's hidden at start, then talks to Parrot at the park

Step 6
Go to Parrot. He'll respond to Duck

Step 7
Set Parrot's rotation style

Step 8
Parrot is startled by Duck

Step 9
Go back to Duck

Step 10
Wait for Parrot, then talk

Step 11
Go back to Parrot

Step 12
Wait for Duck, then make Parrot respond

Step 13
Go back to Duck

Step 14
Wait for Parrot, then ask Question, code for responses

Step 15
If player wants to get out of park, ask if to home or to beach

Step 16
Go to Stage

Step 17
To go home, switch backdrop and send message

Step 18
At home, Parrot flies around and away, then game over!

Step 19
Go to Sunglasses. It's minigame time!

Step 20
Duplicate sunglasses costume and rotate. See below

Step 21
Go to Scripts tab. Move sprite to top left. Animate.

Step 22
Make a variable. This will tell when Sunglasses is caught.

Step 23
Hide Sunglasses at start. Not caught yet.

Step 24
Add the big code! Sunglasses will run from Parrot all over the place!

Step 25
Go to Parrot

Step 26
Add keyboard controls for Parrot

Step 27
Go to Duck

Step 28
When sunglasses are caught, Duck talks to Parrot and leaves

Step 29
Go to Sunglasses

Step 30
Hide Sunglasses when Duck leaves

Step 31
Go to Stage

Step 32
After Sunglasses caught, go back to park

Step 33
Go to Parrot

Step 34
Last script!! Parrot asks a question

Step 35
Play the game! Check your code with mine by clicking the link at the bottom
Click the link below if you need to check your code!

Step 36
Add more options, places to go, sprites, and sound effects!
Use the link below to download sound effects.

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