Create a new project

Step 1
Create your own HTML project!

Setup a root folder for your HTML project. This way, you can put all of your website files into one place. You'll create the project and have it hosted with the MV Code Club IDE.

Step 2
Setup a new HTML project.

Setup a new HTML project

• Log-in to MV Code Club

• Go to to 'home'

• Click on "Projects" then click "New Project"

Step 3
Next, specify the project type

Specify the Project Type

Choose 'html'

Name your project

Check Your Work
Step 4
Work Check!

Do you see this editor?

If so, the project setup was successful and you're ready for the next step.

Step 5
Choose A Subdomain Name For Your Project

Choose a Subdomain

What is a subdomain name?

A domain name is the name of your website, as it appears in the URL bar. Such as or

A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain. You will choose your own subdomain name of your website project. This will allow your project to be hosted and published on the internet for FREE.

Decide What Your Subdomain Name Will Be


Subdomain Names are short and simple
Subdomain Names are all lowercase
Subdomain Names have no spaces
Subdomain Names have no special characters

To Define the Subdomain, Edit The Project

• **Click on "Projects" then click "Edit"

Define your Subdomain Name

Click "Update Project"

Check Your Work
Step 6
Work Check!

Test Your Subdomain

Click on the URL seen in the photo below

If it leads you to a blank webpage, it works!

If you get an error message, you typed your subdomain name incorrectly

Step 7
You're all set!

Continue With the Next Lesson

You're project is setup and you're ready to start coding.

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