Doodle Jump

Step 1
Paint/choose a character or use this one (rt click>save as):
Step 2
How to use the pic above
Step 3
Shrink Doodler, delete cat
Step 4
Make Doodler fall
Step 5
Create the first platform
Step 6
Make Doodler bounce off the platform
Step 7
Your Doodler script should look like this:

Step 8
Paint/choose a background or use the one below (rt click>save as)
Step 9
If using the pic above, copy and fill the background
Step 10
Create controls for left and right movement. (part 1)
Step 11
Left and Right controls (part 2)
Step 12
Your script should look like this:
Step 13
Move the platform down when Doodler jumps to another (if he's above the starting point)

Step 14
Recycle platforms. Move them to top after they've passed the bottom.
Step 15
Create other platforms (2 that move)
Step 16
Put "go to" blocks on platforms to anchor their positions
Step 17
Change the x-positions for recycled platforms
Step 18
If Doodler falls to bottom, game over!
Step 19
Create a GAME OVER sprite
Step 20
You can shrink sprites to make it look more like Doodle Jump
Step 21
Basic Doodle Jump gameplay
Challenge: add springs and sound effects

Step 22
Use your own graphics (or change them) and create something new like Swamp Hop
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