Exercises: Objects 6 - Nested Objects

About this lesson

An introduction to objects with more complicated properties

Concepts Reviewed:

Object Property Access
Check Your Work
Step 1
Where'd my code go?

Your code is in a separate file for steps 1-5.

You are welcome to copy and paste any objects you created from the previous lessons into this one!

Step 2
Objects Within Objects

We can make a party object which can store the creatures we have been making inside of it.

Temp1524175446 Objects
Step 3
Empty Objects

This is an empty object.
We use these as placeholders for later objects.

Temp1524175564 Temp1530907601
Step 4
Objects within Objects

This is an object which has 6 empty objects inside of it.


Add this code as a basis for your party

Name it what you want your party to be called

Step 5
(25 PTS) Create your own Party!

Use the above party code as a baseline.

replace {} with an inline object: slot1: {HP:10, MaxHP:12, ect..},

or with an object you have already defined: slot2: jamikazam,


You can have any number of slots in your party, but must include at least two creatures and one empty object!

Check Your Work
Step 6
Make sure it all works!

add a console.log( yourParty )
check to make sure the output is similar to the following

Step 7

You may notice that we no longer can see the name of the variable within the object.
You can fix this by adding a Name, Nickname, or any other property you wish to add.

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