Hack Session - Hack with HTML - CSS3 Animation

Step 1
Hack with HTML continues!

Get Ready

Last time, you learned how to edit colors, text values, and images of a webpage using HTML code. This time, we'll hack a rainbow animation effect using CSS3 code.

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Hack a rainbow animation into a website:

Step 2
More Information

What is CSS3?

CSS3 refers to the newest and latest version of CSS. With CSS3 there are great improvements to animations and visual effects.

Here is a CSS3 animation:

In this Hack session, you will hack a rainbow animation into a website by editing the HTML and CSS3 code:

Step 3
Get Started! Open Google Chrome.
Step 4
Go to 'www.mvcodeclub.com' and open Inspect Element

Open Inspect Element:

Step 5
Use the magnifying glass and inspect the logo element's code.
Step 6
Right-click and choose "Edit HTML"
Step 7
Add to the HTML code a new class attribute
Step 8
Click the 'add' button on the Styles tab
Step 9
Add a new style name, ".animate-logo"

Do I need to type the dot?
Yes. This is how we call the class name in the HTML. Although we are creating a new CSS style, we are calling an HTML class name using the dot.

Step 10
Open, "inspector-stylesheet"
Step 11
Move your cursor inside of the curly brackets

Press Enter to create empty space inside of the curly brackets:

Step 12
Put these 3 lines of code inside of the curly brackets
Step 13
Add this chunk of code underneath

What is this code?


You have hacked the logo of this website to animate a rainbow color using CSS3 code. Nice work!

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