How to upload WorldEdit and different files to your Minecraft server using the Command Line

Step 1
Put worldEdit on your server!

In this lesson, we're going to teach you some basic terminal commands by putting WorldEdit and an arena schematic on your server!

Step 2
Launch your server and click that button!
Step 3
Looking at your Server information!

This is advanced information about your server! We'll be color coding these for future reference. The only important information is your SFTP port which will be green and your IP address which will be color coded as red

Step 4
Open up your terminal!

In this case, since I'm on Windows, I'm using git bash! On Mac/Linux, it's literally the terminal.

Step 5
ssh into your server!

SSH means secure shell! This allows us to access the server from our computer.

Type in the command:

-p is a flag or option for the ssh command. The only necessary argument for ssh is the ip you want to access!

Step 6
Type in Yes

If it's your first time accessing this server, you'll see something like this. Just type in yes.

Step 7
Type in the password!

Yeah you guessed it, the password is mvcodeclub

Step 8
Hunting for the right place to put worldEdit!

For the next few steps we're going to be walking through 2 commands cd and ls.

We'll be using them to find the correct path to place worldEdit.

Step 9
'ls' command

ls is the command to list files in a folder/directory! Here we use it to see the contents of each folder we access.

Step 10
'cd' command

cd is the command to change directories. Here we use cd to mistakenly access scripts and then to exit out of it.

.. means to access the "parent" folder of scripts. You can think of it as going "up" once.

... will allow us to access it's "grandparent" folder and more dots will do the same so on so forth.

Step 11
Stringing them together!

cd data and then ls will show you....

This is what the insides of a Minecraft server look like!

Step 12
Hunting for....

Try to find this! Use your newly found powers of cd and ls.
Remember cd will only work on folders and directories!

Step 13

In the next few steps, we'll be learning about a new command line tool called sftp! We'll be using it to upload worldedit and the arena schematic to our server

Download worldedit.jar Download arena-ctf.schematic
Step 14

type in
sftp -oPort=YOURPORT usr@YOURIP
and the password after.

sftp allows us to transfer files between our computer and the server!

Step 15

Type in put Downloads/arena-ctf.schematic data/plugins/schematics
and put Downloads/worldedit.jar data/plugins

data/plugins was the path for the folder we were hunting for!

The first argument for the put command is the location of whatever we want to transfer over to the server.
The second argument is where we want to put it!

Downloads/arena-ctf.schematic and Downloads/worldedit.jar are called relative paths! They'll only work if we sftp from the home directory and have both of those files in our downloads! The Downloads folder is located in the home directory.

Check Your Work
Step 16

See if worldedit works the next time your start your server!

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