HTML Earth Day Webpage

Step 1
What is Earthday?

It's an annual global event every April 22nd that encourages discussion and demonstration of support for environmental protection.

Around the world events are being held to help spread the word and get people working together to protect the environment.

At MV Code Club we'd like to contribute as well. Building a webpage can be a great way to communicate your message to the world, and why not take this opportunity to inform people more about Earth day, the environment, or what they can do to help?

Step 2
Where to begin

If you've never used HTML or CSS before, you can start by heading over to our HTML/CSS course to learn the basics.

click this link to get started

Step 3
Design your own webpage for Earthday

If you already know some HTML/CSS why don't you get started and come up with an Earth Day themed webpage

Need help coming up with what to add? See some of the ideas below...

Step 4
Find some images and upload them to your site
Step 5
Add links to educational sources about Earth Day or the environment

Example of how to add a link:

Step 6
You could create or use an Earth Day header

Position a header as a div on your page. Give it absolute or fixed positioning in its CSS attributes section

Step 7
You can add an interactive map showing all the Earth Day events happening around the world

This type of element is called an iframe. iframes let you embed another HTML document inside of your own

link: ""
default width: 640
default height: 480

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