Intro to the New Scratch (1st/2nd Grade) Free Trial

Step 1
Welcome to MV Code Club!

In this lesson you will learn the basics of coding in Scratch and make a program that allows you to change the appearance of the Scratch cat using the keyboard!

Step 2
This is what we are going to make:
Step 3
Add a new backdrop.

Click this button to select a backdrop from the scratch library.

Step 4
Choose a backdrop by clicking it with the mouse

You can choose any backdrop you want!

Step 5
Give your project a title. Be creative!
Step 6
Change the info for the cat sprite

Change its name and size to whatever you want!

Step 7
Change the cat's color using code!

Drag the "change color effect by" block into the area on the right.

Change the number to "10" and then click on it to see what it does!

Step 8
The "ghost" effect will make the cat fade away.

Drag another "change color effect by" block into the area on the right.

Click on the arrow to choose an effect.

Click on the "ghost" effect.

Change the number to "10" and then click on the block.

Step 9
Add a "when key pressed" block to the effect blocks.

This will let us change the cat's appearance using the keyboard.

In this example I am using the "1" key and the "2" key.

At the end of the video below I am pressing "1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2"

Step 10
CHALLENGE: Change the cat's "mosaic" effect when you press the "3" key.

Think about it for a few minutes before asking an instructor for help.

Look back at the steps before this if you need a hint!

Step 11
Add these code blocks so you can control more effects.

When you are done each key from 1 - 7 should control a different effect.

Check Your Work
Step 12
Play with your project for a while.

Make some cool pictures using only the keyboard!

Step 13
Let's add code to make the cat say something.

When you press "space" it will ask what you want the cat to say.

Then when you press "enter" the cat will say it!

Check Your Work
Step 14
Congratulations! You just finished your first Scratch project!

Test each block of code to make sure it is working.

Ask an instructor if you need help fixing something.

What else would you like the cat to do?

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