Create a Minecraft Sword in Tinkercad

Step 1
Create a new design in tinkercad after you have signed in.
Step 2
Change the name of your project: click on properties, then rename it.
Step 3
Create a new block and size it to 10 by 10 by 10.
Step 4
Move the block to the left corner, then shift your view with right click, and shift right click to see the edge.
Step 5
Copy the block with windows c, then paste the block with windows v. Put it below our original.

Step 6
Go to this link:
Step 7
Put together half of the pommel of the sword, as shown in the animation and the previous image. Use the copy paste tool.
Step 8
Shift your workplane to an eagle eye view by right clicking and dragging.
Step 9
Now add in half of the guard just like in the image below.

Step 10
Finish the guard and start the sword.

Step 11
Select the first 3 blocks of the blade and copy them. Then paste them twice and line them up.
Step 12
Now add the top of the sword. A total of 3 more blocks.
Step 13
Copy and paste the left side of the sword (ignore the first and last block) and then use mirror tool to turn it around. Dismiss tool and change angle.
Step 14
Angle it correctly so it fits into place (this may take awhile)
Step 15
Copy one side of the sword blade by using shift to select multiple blocks. Paste it into the sword on the left side.
Step 16
Make sure all your blocks are connected. This is important!
Step 17
Change the color of the inside blocks to a different one. Now change the height of these blocks to 5mm.
Step 18
Now duplicate that string of blue blocks (reselect by holding shift and clicking on each one)
Step 19
Make sure all the blocks are touching one another. You can also increase the size of them as well as move them.
Step 20
Delete this pesky blue block underneath this red one.
Step 21
Fill in the rest of the sword with the blue blocks, this is what mine looks like.

Step 22
Now add in the first letter of your name. Mine is at a height of 3mm.
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