Make a maze in Scratch - Part 1

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A quick starter lesson for a good introduction to Scratch.

Step 1

Step 2
Create a new project in Scratch!
Step 3
Go to your backdrop
Step 4
Select the Line tool and increase the size to largest.
Step 5
Now draw a maze for your sprite to go through. (Hold Shift to make straight lines)

Step 6
Shrink your sprite and place it at the start of the maze
Step 7
Add this code to your sprite to make it appear at the start of your maze. Note: Your numbers may be different

Step 8
Set the sprites rotation style to left-right.
Step 9
Add these blocks of code to add movement to our character.

Step 10
Add this block of code to our sprite so that we can't go through our maze's walls.

Step 11
Change the color in the "touching color" box to match that of your maze.

Step 12
Find a sprite online that you want your sprite to search for in the maze. Make sure to change your search settings for transparent only. Save it to the desktop

Step 13
Now upload your sprite to scratch and shrink it.
Step 14
Make a new backdrop. This will be the "You Win" backdrop.
Step 15
Add this block of code to your objective sprite. This will what will make you win the game.

Step 16
Go back to your first sprite and add the "Switch backdrop" block to this block of code.

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