Midas Touch Spell

Step 1
In this lesson we are going add a spell called "Midas Touch" that can turn anything into gold!

This lesson will make use of what you learned in these lessons:

Step 2
CHALLENGE: Begin by adding a new wand: Midas Touch

You do not need a crafting recipe for this item.

Give yourself the wand by adding it to your setSpell() function and then calling it in the game.

Step 3
We can break this spell down into three parts

You will be challenged to make this in the next step


Important questions:

  • How do you check if an entity has been damaged by an entity?
  • How do you make an entity disappear?
  • How do you make a block appear at a location?
  • How will you reference the location of the entity?
Step 4
CHALLENGE: Add code to your onEntityDamageByEntity function that allows you to transform entities into gold blocks
  1. Find your EntityDamageByEntity event handler.
  2. Add a new if-statement that checks if the damager is holding a midasWand
  3. Remove the entity
  4. Spawn a gold block at the correct location.
  5. Display a message saying the entity has turned to gold!
Check Your Work
Step 5
The result

If you have completed this challenge successfully you should be able to cast this spell on entities while holding a midasWand

In the next part of the lesson we will learn how to make it work on blocks also!

Step 6
Next we are going to use the PlayerInteract event handler to make the "Midas Touch" spell work on blocks!

We can't use EntityDamageByEntity because blocks aren't entities!

Step 7
Targeting the right block

Remember, only blocks that are in range of the player can be clicked on directly.

For this we can use event.clickedBlock:


Anything out of range we will have to use player.getTargetBlock():

Step 8
Just like for the lightningWand, we need to check if the player is holding the midasWand

in the playerInteract event handler:

Step 9
Now we need to create a reference variable named "target"

If the player left-clicks a block: we can use event.targetBlock.

Step 10
If the player clicks the air, we know they meant to click the out-of-range block they are looking at

So here, we will set target using .getTargetBlock():

Step 11
Now turn the target block into a gold block!

You should be able to do this on your own now.

When you are done you should be able to turn blocks into gold from both touch range:

and from out of touch range

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