Minecraft Plugins 2: ChickenBoom

Step 1
Step 2
This is what we are going to build:


Step 3
As we build this plugin, let's take a closer look at the anatomy of a Java class.
Step 4
We start by importing the packages we are going to use.
Step 5
Take a moment to learn about the function of these words in the first line of a Java class.
Step 6
Read the descriptions to understand what each part of the code is doing!
Step 7
Take your time, read the code, read the descriptions, and understand how your plugin will work!
Step 8
Remember to save your files regularly!
Step 9
Add this code to the plugin's yml file.

This just gives the plugin a name to display on the server, a version number, and a pointer to the main class that contains the plugin.

main: "plugin" should always match the name of the class you create in the .java file

Step 10
Finish up the code for your plugin and make sure it compiles without errors.
Step 11
When your plugin compiles without errors go ahead and deploy it to your server!
Step 12
Open Minecraft and get ready to test your plugin! You will need a bow, an arrow, and a chicken egg.
Check Your Work
Step 13
Spawn some chickens, shoot them with your bow, and witness the destruction!
Step 14
CHALLENGE: Make a larger explosion when you shoot a pig!
Step 15
In the next lesson we will build a plugin that will allow us to shoot Wither Skulls with a Blaze Rod!

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