Minecraft Plugins 3: CustomProjectiles

Step 1
Step 2
This is what we are going to build:
Step 3
This plugin will allow us to right click while holding a Blaze Rod and shoot an exploding Wither Skull!
Step 4
Let's take a closer look at what each line of code is doing in this plugin.
Step 5
Remember to set up your plugin.yml file!

Refer to the previous lesson if you need help remembering what to include in this file.

Check Your Work
Step 6
Enter Minecraft to test your plugin! All you will need is a Blaze Rod.

Remember to save, compile, and deploy first!

Check Your Work
Step 7
Destroy some terrain with your new CustomProjectiles plugin!
Step 8
Use what you've learned to change the plugin into a projectile of your own design!

Here is a link to the bukkit documentation for projectiles. Use this to choose a different type of entity to use as a projectile (look at the list under "All Known Subinterfaces:").

I made a fireball with a giant explosion!

Step 9
You can even make different objects shoot their own type of projectile!

Make at least two different types of projectiles work at the same time. Add as many as you want!

HINT: For my version I used "Material.STICK" to shoot eggs! You can browse other materials here.

Step 10
In the next lesson we will learn how to make a magic Broom Stick that you can use to fly!

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