Minecraft Plugins 6: ParticleTrail

Step 1
Step 2
Here is an example of a particle trail plugin in action:

This one is using the "SMOKE" effect.

Step 3
This simple plugin leaves a trail of particle effects behind the player as they move.

Fill in "plugin.java" with the following code and don't forget to set up your "plugin.yml" file as well!

Check Your Work
Step 4
Save, compile, deploy, reload, and test your plugin!
Step 5
CHALLENGE: Change the particle effect trail to a different effect!

Use this list to pick a different effect from the list of effects.

IMPORTANT: Make sure it says it is a "visual" effect in the description.

Step 6
Next we are going to add a trail of fire that actually burns the ground as we walk!
Step 7
Add these lines of code to your plugin.java file.

As the player moves, this code sets the block the player is standing on to "fire" and gives the player a powerful fire resistance effect.

Check Your Work
Step 8
Save, compile, deploy, reload, and test your plugin!
Step 9
In the next lesson we are going to learn how to create fireworks!

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