Minecraft Plugins 7: Fireworks

Step 1
Step 2
This is what we are going to be building:
Step 3
Begin by adding imports for the packages we are going to need for the plugin.
Step 4
Here is the body of the firework plugin. Make sure you read the red text and understand what each line is doing!
Step 5
Make sure you set up your plugin.yml file properly!

Refer to a previous plugin you've made if you need help remembering what to do.

Check Your Work
Step 6
Save, compile, deploy, reload, and test your fireworks!

You will need to be holding a "Firework Star" to spawn the fireworks.

Step 7
CHALLENGE: Make your own firework by changing the attributes of the effect.

Here are links to the documentation for bukkit.FireworkEffect.Type and bukkit.Color.

Step 8
Spawning a single type of firework is cool, but a firework show with randomized effects is even cooler!

In the next part of the lesson you will learn how to randomize the effects of your fireworks.

Step 9
First add these package imports to the top of your file.
Step 10
Here we generate random integers and use them to set the type and color variables for the firework.
Step 11
Now we need to make sure we use the randomized variables we just created when we actually build the firework's effect.
Check Your Work
Step 12
Save, compile, deploy, reload, and make yourself a little firework show at night!
Step 13
In the next lesson we will learn how to create custom mobs!

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