Minecraft torch

Step 1

Since we only have a 30 minute time slot, please make sure each kid finishes the insides of the torch first. After they have working LEDs they can cut out and apply the minecraft skin.

The idea here being that applying the outter skin to the torch doesnt require instructor guidance and also can take up quite some time

Step 2

Start with a template and 4 LEDs.
The template will be the backbone of your torch

Step 3

Each LED has a long leg (called the cathode) and a short leg (called the anode). The long leg must be connected to the positive side of the battery.

For now, take the long leg of each LED and bend them to make a 90 degree angle as shown above.

Step 4

Fold down the top flap of the template

Step 5

Place the LEDs inside each hole so that the unbent short legs of each LEDs goes through one of the holes, and so that the long legs remain on the top side of the flap

Step 6

CAREFULLY twist the short legs together to make one joined column. The wires can be a bit pointed so dont press too hard

Step 7

Bend the 4 LEDs so that each faces outwards, and also bend the long legs so that they can be grouped together

Step 8

Twist the remaining legs together just like in the previous step.

Now the positive legs and negative legs are each grouped separately

Step 9

Cut off one of the corners of the flap to make room for a piece of wire

Step 10

Place a red piece of wire which reaches from the top grouping, down to the bottom of the torch template

Step 11

Using wire cutters, strip the ends of each wire about half an inch. Make sure the pull the strippers away from your face and not towards anyone else, as it requires some force to use and may slip.

(Use either the 12 and 14 gauge holes in the wire strippers)

Step 12
Step 13

Wrap the exposed end of the red wire to the positive legs of the LEDs

Step 14

Run the wire down through the corner you cut out, down to the bottom of the torch template. Bend the wire a bit so it stays in place

Step 15

Repeat this process for a length of blue wire. Only this time, wrap the end of the exposed wire to the negative legs of the LEDs (the bottom side).

Make sure the two wires meet at approximately the same place at the bottom of the template

Step 16

Place the remaining exposed end of the blue wire to the negative side of the battery. The negative side is the textured, smaller side.

Step 17

Using a small piece of electrical tape so as to only cover one side of the battery, fix the blue wire to the negative end of the battery

Step 18

Touching the red wire to the positive side of the battery should illuminate the LEDs. These are ultra-bright LEDs so do not stare directly at them

Step 19

We're going to use a small binder clip to act as a switch for our torch. Clip the end of the red wire to the battery to turn on the torch. Un-clip to turn the torch off

Step 20

Your template should no be folded up to make a rectangular prism which you can wrap your minecraft torch skin around to make the final product!

Use Scotch tape or a gluestick to stick the paper to the template.

Step 21

Cut out the torch texture, you may wish to cut off the bottom so you'll have access to your switch inside

Step 22

Fold the torch texture along the doted lines shown in the diagram. The texture should be folded to cover the template completely

Step 23

Place the template inside the texture like so, and tape it in place using clear scotch tape

Step 24

Fold up the texture and the template and tape up the seams to complete the torch

Step 25

Your binder clip switch should be accessible from the bottom of the torch

Step 26
Here is the minecraft torch texture image

Print this out and cut off the tabs

Step 27
Materials list

Per torch:
One printed cutout torch texture
Tagboard to serve as the LED template
4 ultra bright LEDs (can be cut to 3 if needed) 16000-18000mcd
3V battery (around 70mhA)

General supplies
6 inches of 1 color wire
8 inches another color wire
scotch tape
electrical tape

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