MVCode Dash 5

Step 1
This will be the final lesson in the project

We will display this Win Screen when the player reaches the end of the level.

Step 2
The Finish sprite will be the appearing at the end of the level

You may need to change the Wait 14.6 Seconds if you did a different level than me

Step 3
The player needs to end the game and send a new message "You Win" when it touches Finish
Step 4
Now make the You Win sprite appear when it receives the "You Win" message
Check Your Work
Step 5
Test your game and see if the You Win screen appears when the player reaches the finish
Step 6
Create two new variables named "Playing?" and "Score"
Step 7
Then start Playing as 1 and Score as 0 when the Green Flag is clicked

When Playing is 1 then the player is playing the game; otherwise, he has either lost or won.

Step 8
Let's also clear the Game of all variables when the Green Flag is clicked
Check Your Work
Step 9
The game should now start with no variables on the screen
Step 10
Once the game starts, let's display score and make it increase as we are playing
Step 11
Make "Playing" not equal to 1 when the game stops so the score stops too
Check Your Work
Step 12
Test the game to see if the score starts and stops correctly

We finished making MVCODE DASH!

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