[No coding] Controls in Unity

Step 1
Open up Unity 5, create a 3D project, name it whatever you want and save it where you want it to be.
Step 2
This tab is called the Scene, we'll be mostly moving in this window.
Step 3
HOLD Right Mouse click and move around in the scene to rotate view.
Step 4
In the Hierarchy tab, create a 3D cube!
Step 5
In the Scene tab, use WASD keys while holding down right click to move around!

Advice: Hold down SHIFT while moving with WASD to move faster.

Step 6
On your mouse Using the middle scrolling wheel to zoom in and out.
Step 7
This time, click and HOLD down the mouse wheel to pan around
Step 8
If your cube is too far, you can select it in the Hierarchy, and then press F to zoom into that object.
Step 9
Now let's go over the tools. On the top left of your screen you'll see 5 tools.
Temp1544426391 Untitled

Pressing Q,W,E,R,T will go to that tool in Unity.

Step 10
Pan tool: Select your cube, press Q and click & hold to pan around.
Step 11
Move tool: Select your cube, press W then click and drag the x,y or z arrows to move the cube.
Step 12
Rotate tool: Select your cube, press E and then click & hold on a colored circle around your cube, then drag to rotate.
Step 13
Resize by side tool: Select your cube, press R and then click & hold one of the colored boxes to equally size the cube.
Step 14
Resize by edge tool: Select your cube, press T and then click & hold one an edge to resize it.
Step 15
What would happen if you rotate two objects? Where will the center be? For now, create a second cube.
Step 16
Right next to our 5 tools, we have a Center and a global button. These are used for the rotation tool.
Step 17
Select both of the cubes and try to use the rotation tool.

We can see that this is rotated around the center between the two cubes.

Step 18
Select the 2 cubes again and press Z to change between rotate by center versus rotate by pivot
Step 19
The other tool where you press X is to change between Global and Local for positioning.
Step 20
Let's rotate a cube and then try to position it, does the XYZ arrows line up with the "cube" or the "world"?

It looks like it lines up with the cube(Local) and not the world(Global)

Step 21
Select the cube, and either press X or click Local/Global to switch between the two modes.
Step 22
Let's click submit and move onto Lesson 2 on creating Terrains!
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