[No coding] Creating Particles

Step 1
In this lesson we are going to be creating particles!
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Step 2
Create a new scene or stay on the current scene/project if you have Unity opened.
Step 3
Right click in the Hierarchy Space, Create a Particle System
Check Your Work
Step 4
You should see a default particle appearing in the Scene, make sure it is playing.
Step 5
Make sure the particle system is selected in the hierarchy, and then look at the inspector.
Step 6
Change the lifetime to 0.5. You'll see that particles will disappear in 0.5 seconds.
Temp1544228572 Temp1544228596
Step 7
Change the Start speed to 20

You will see the particles will travel a lot faster and still disappears after 0.5 seconds

Step 8
Click on Shape to open the Shape menu of this particle
Step 9
Click and drag this point towards the center until you can't drag it anymore
Step 10
Step 11
Change the Start Lifetime back to 5 you will see that particles now disappear after 5 seconds.
Step 12
Change all x,y,z axis to 0.
Step 13
Go back to the Hierarchy and create a 3D cube
Step 14
Change the scale all to 5 and place the cube in front of where the particle is shooting.
Step 15
Select the particle system in the hierarchy, and enable the collision tab.
Step 16
Change the collision type to World
Step 17
Use the rotation tool and tilt the cube slightly upwards.
Check Your Work
Step 18
Check to make sure that the collision works.
Step 19
Create another 3D object called a Sphere and move the particle to collide with it.
Step 20
Rename our current Particle System as "bullets"
Step 21
Right click on the Hierarchy window and create another Particle System, name this one "explosion"
Step 22
Make sure the particle system called "Explosion" is selected, go to inspector and change the shape to Sphere.
Step 23
In the inspector of the Explosion particle, change start lifetime to 0.1, start speed to 50, and emission rate to 50.
Step 24
Now enable color over life time and click the white color box.
Step 25
Make sure the left key is selected and then right click the small color box.
Step 26
Start with the color yellow.
Step 27
Next part is tricky. Click the red circle, the grey area under the color box to create another point.
Step 28
Now with this 2nd point selected, click on the small color box again.
Step 29
Probably try an orange color for the second poit.
Step 30
Lastly add another point and make it a red color.
Step 31
Next select the last point of the top row for transparency. Change the alpha to around 140.

Also make the last color point red so that it doesn't show any white.

Step 32
Select the explosion particle in the hierarchy to play it. It should look something like this.
Step 33
Next we are going to do particle collisions! Click and drag the Explosion particle into the Bullets particle.
Step 34
Make sure the Explosion particle is selected, change emission rate to 0, and add min burst to 1, max to 10.
Step 35
Now Select the Bullets particle and enable Collision. Change the collision type to World.
Temp1544388412 Temp1544388437
Step 36
Now while the Bullet particle is still selected, enable sub emitters and change emitter type to collision.
Step 37
Click and drag the Explosion child object of Bullets and drag it onto the sub emitter space.
Check Your Work
Step 38
Now you can see the explosion particle is used whenever a white bullet collides with something!
Step 39
Lastly we want to fix the simulation space.

When you click and drag a particle, ALL particles follows it, which isn't supposed to happen.

Step 40
To fix this, select the bullets particle system, and change the simulation space to world.
Check Your Work
Step 41
Now this should work when we drag the bullets object around!
Step 42
Time for particle customization! Let's choose a small picture from the internet to have it as your particle.

Click and drag your file into the projects asset tab. I decided to choose a bubble.

Step 43
Right click on the project assets panel, click create, create a material.
Step 44
Name it whatever you want, I make it the same name as the picture just so that it doesn't get confusing.
Step 45
Make sure the Material (Not the imported picture) is selected, change the shader to Additive(soft)
Step 46
New properties appear, click on the image selector, select your image, and see the preview of the particle!
Step 47
Select your bullets particle, this time go to the Renderer and change the material to the material that you created!
Step 48
Can you do the same for the explosion effect?

I used the Minecraft's Fire particle for this example.

Step 49
Now let's add gravity and bouncing to our explosion effect! Create a plane.
Step 50
Resize the plane so that it's big enough to be under the particles.
Step 51
Select the Explosion particle and change the gravity modifier to 1 and make sure the simulation space is world.

Also make start lifetime as 3 and start speed as 10 so we can see it in motion better.


Also enable the collision for the Explosion particle.

Check Your Work
Step 52
Now when an explosion particle spawns, it falls to the floor and bounces off of it!
Step 53
Let's try using the Noise effect. Here's a comparison between Without Noise and with noise.

The video above is Without using Noise.

The video above is with Noise added!

Step 54
Let's add noise to your explosion particle and maybe give it a Strength of 5.

The higher the strength the more it will shake!!

NOTE: Noise usually uses more CPU(processing power) so make sure your computer can handle this

Check Your Work
Step 55
Now those explosion flames should be rising like fire!
Step 56
Next let's work on particle trails! First let's change our emission shape for the Bullet particle.

Make sure the bullet particle system is selected, select the shape effect in the inspector and then click & drag the tip of this cone.

Step 57
With bullet particle selected, enable Trails. Uh oh, it shows a pink trail, that means it's missing a material!
Step 58
Let's a create the trail material then! Go to the project panel, right click and create a material.
Step 59
Select the trail material you just created, go to inspector, for rendering Mode, choose Transparent.
Step 60
Click the Albedo color box, choose a color and then change the alpha down a bit more.
Step 61
Go back and select your bullet particle, you'll see under trails it'll say it's missing a material. Put it in Renderer.
Check Your Work
Step 62
Now the trails should work!
Step 63
How about we change the bullet particle to rain? How would we do this? (Position it above the plane and change shape.
Step 64
The sky is the limit! Start creating other particles and play with the settings you've learned!
Step 65
Want to go above and beyond on particles? Let's see how other people made particles!

Go to the asset store and search for "particle" and make sure you filter it by "Free Only"
Then import.

Step 66
Whenever you download an asset, prebuilt stuff are usually called "prefabs" locate that folder and try it out!

These "Hit" particles looks like it can work nicely with collision, so we'll add them to a particle system's collision!

Step 67
Use what you learned to edit particles from pre-existing particles on the asset store!
Step 68
You've finished this lesson! Click submit and learn about animation in the next lesson!
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